Curiosity and enquiry-based learning

We've worked with schools, arts organisations, local authorities and universities to co-design a new approaches to education and learning through action research and enquiry-based learning.

Enquiry-based learning, where learners follow their own curiosity and learn through pursuing their own research and enquiry questions, is a powerful structure for personalised, innovative and creative learning.

We've supported numerous organisations and staff teams to build curiosity into their day-to-day approaches, through enquiry-based learning.

For example, we worked with big multi-stakeholder workshops at Glyndebourne Education to re-orient creative learning programmes through children's own ideas.

We've supported staff teams in schools to develop enquiry-based learning and enquiry-based teaching. We've supported numerous arts organisations to use enquiry-based structures to maximise the achievement of 'purpose' in their work.

And our Creative Impact programme, is build on foundations of enquiry-based learning.

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