What we could be

What We Could Be is a programme of talks, training and strategy co-design with students and organisations looking at the future of work and innovative ideas for how young people could harness the arts professionally for tomorrow’s societal challenges, and how best to prepare them now.

It covers a wide-range of future-facing trends, including

  • The growing body of international research on the future of work, and how jobs are changing, particularly with artificial intelligence and globalisation
  • Sustainable development, and how the biggest challenges facing humanity and the planet are both inter-related to each other, and often closely related to everyone
  • Global trends, including the growth of technologies, changes in societies, politics and religion, finance, economics, health and well-being
  • Arts impact: what we know from evidenced research that arts-rich approaches can achieve, including for some of the challenges above, and what they potentially could achieve, and
  • The growing global conversation around 21st-century skills, and the central importance of having and pursuing purpose

If you're interested in being involved in the programme, please get in touch.

We're working with schools, universities and colleges, arts and cultural organisations, AI laboratories, think tanks and others. Below are some relevant publications and activities.

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